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Shakespeare – 450 years alive and counting

In order to join the worldwide celebration of the 450th anniversary of the birth of William Shakespeare, today,  my third-year students 🙂 in Palanačka gimnazija and I have had a model lesson titled “William Shakespeare – The Man, His Work and His Legacy“. I would like to thank my colleagues for coming, my colleague assistants for helping me during the lesson, and last but not least, special thanks go to my students (3/5) for being utterly cooperative and attentive.

Here is the link to the presentation, my modest contribution to the great event:

William Shakespeare – The Man, His work and His Legacy


word we owe to shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet (Juliet’s monologue – balcony scene)

Sonnet 18 (Michael York)

All the world’s a stage monologue (Morgan Freeman)


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